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About 650 Vanier Air Cadets

650 Vanier Air Cadet Squadron offers a varied training experience to youth in the Moncton, Dieppe, and Riverview area.  We take pride in offering a challenging and diversified experience to youth from 12-18 years of age.  We challenge ourselves in finding new special activities so that the cadets do not see the same things year after year.  For example, if you ask one of our senior cadets about their past experiences, they can tell you that they have never done the same end of the year trip twice.  This variety in our program has helped us keep cadets interested in the program.

Our unit puts a priority in having positive reinforcement as a motivational tool. We do believe in challenging the cadets to do their best through heathy competition, but we absolutely do not tolerate any bullying or negative attitudes.  The official motto of our squadron is "Nil Sine Labore", which is Latin for "Nothing Without Work".  We believe that if you work hard in your cadet career, good things will come your way.  We also believe in teamwork and helping others.  We tell our senior cadets that the good who pulls other up to their level.

I often tell parents of new cadets that the cadets do not realize the real benefits of the program until they have been out of the program for several years.  Once they are older and have been working for a few years, they might find themselves as managers, supervisors, lawyers, doctors, etc...  The reason for their success is often the skills that they learned while in cadets.  They learned leadership, teamwork, instructional techniques, public speaking, and many other skills that we help them for years to come. The other benefits of the program, such as making friends for life, going on free trips, getting paid to attend summer camp, earning their pilot's license, etc... are just the icing on the cake!

We hold our regular training on Monday evenings and have optional training throughout the week.  Our optional program have included Band, Drill Team, Marksmanship, Biathlon, Photography, Scale Model Building, Remote Control Aircraft Flying, and the Duke of Edinburgh Award Program.  We also participate in many special activities throughout the year, such as dances, trips, sports competitions, camping, citizenship activities, etc...

The best part of the whole program is that it is completely free!!


Come see us on a Monday evening and see what we have to offer!


Captain Jacques Leger

Commanding Officer


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