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Special Activities

Throughout the year, we participate in many special activities that add to the cadet experience.  Some of these are optional, others are considered mandatory to attend.  Either way, they will enrich your experience in cadets.


Citizenship Activities

One of the aims of the cadet movement is to promote citizenship in youth.  We are all a part of a society and it is important to celebrate the happy and more sombre occasions that are celebrated in our community.


Some of the citizenship activities you could participate in include:

  • The Battle of Britain Ceremony - Remembering those who participated in the Battle of Britain.

  • Remembrance Day Ceremony - Remembering all of our veterans.

  • Christmas Parades - Celebrating Christmas.

  • Various other activities - In the past, we have visited the Veteran's Center, helped prepare food boxes at the food bank, helped man a water table at the Relay for Life, etc...



Cadets have the opportunity to participate in several dances throughout the year.  There is no cost to participate, but there is normally a canteen that you can buy snacks at.

  • Halloween Dance (Hosted by 560 Army Cadets)

  • Christmas Formal (Hosted by us)

  • Valentine's Dance (Hosted by 122 Sea Cadets)

  • End of the Year Formal (Hosted by 101 Moncton Air Cadets



Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR)

This is a formal ceremony held at the end of the training year where the cadets have the opportunity to display to their relatives and friends what they have learned during the past year.  It is considered mandatory because it is a part of the cadets' formal training.  It is normally held in May of each year.


Fundraising Activities


There are no direct costs to be in cadets, but it still does cost a lot of money to run the program.  These costs are paid from funds raised during the year.  We only have two to three fundraising activities per year, so it is important to give a big effort whenever we have one. 


Cadets who do participate in the fundraisers will have a greater chance of participating in some of our big activities or to be selected for summer camp.  Cadets who choose not to participate in the fundaisers may be left out of some of our more costly activities, such as our end-of-the year trip.  That is just fair!


Fun Activities

We like to have a lot of fun!  Some of the fun activities that you might see spread out throughout the year include:

  • Bowling

  • Swimming

  • Camping

  • Sliding and Skating

  • Trips

  • Sports Nights

  • Annual Visit to a Sugar Camp

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