650 Vanier Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron

Our Motto: "Nil Sine Labore" ("Nothing Without Work")

Weekly Announcements

Check out our calendar for details about our Special upcoming Activities.


          Keep working on your uniforms and boots.

Regular Training
 Classes have started, instructors are ready and excited. Enjoy!
We are actively seeking new cadets.  Please tell your friends about cadets and encourage them to join.  They must be 12 years of age to join.  If you can bring in two or more friends, even better!
Please bring or email the following information so we can update our communication lists: 

Cadet Name: __________________

 Cadet Rank: ______

 Cadet Level (the one going into):________

 Email address (first being the primary):_______________________ belongs to ___________________

                                                             ________________________belongs to ___________________

                                                            ________________________ belongs to ___________________                                                    

Contact phone numbers (first being the primary):_____________________ belongs to ___________________

                                                                            _____________________ belongs to ___________________

                                                                            _____________________ belongs to ___________________ 

Captain Kristie Bezanson
204-7774 (Home)
227-0367 (Cellular)