650 Vanier Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron

Our Motto: "Nil Sine Labore" ("Nothing Without Work")

Squadron Officers

     To reach any of our officers or for general inquiries, you can send an e-mail to our squadron e-mail account (650vanier@gmail.com).  This is monitored regularly throughout the week.  You can normally expect a response within a few hours from our staff.  E-mails for other officers will be forwarded to the officer in question. 

     The officers of the squadron are part of the Cadet Instructor Cadre, which is a component of the Canadian Forces Reserves.  We all have regular jobs or studies, but we all work with the squadron to give back to the program.  Most of us were cadets when we were younger.  We do this because we believe in the program and what it offers to the cadets.

  Captain Kristie Bezanson - Commanding Officer

Captain Jacques Leger - Administration Officer - on loan to 681 Sackville Squadron

Captain Karine LeBlanc - Supply Officer

Captain Kenneth Holden - Chief Flight Instructor

Lt. Andr√© Gaudet - Biathlon Coach, Marksmanship Coach

2Lt Mathieu Roy - Training Officer, Band/Drill Team Instructor

Soon to be OCdt Corey Mesh - ground school instructor and computer specialist

Civilian Volunteer Jill Cormier - Assistant Training Officer, Band/Drill Team Instructor, 

Civilian Volunteer Robert Cormier - Assistant Training Officer and Standards Officer

Mr Chris Wonnacott - Ground School Instructor

Cpl Jeff Bezanson - Instructor and medical specialist

Civilian Volunteer Andrew Mawhinney - assistant supply